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     My sister had to have knee surgery and as such, was unable to do all of the things she normally does. I decided to hire a regular cleaning service to tidy her flat every other day. This cleaning company has some of the cheapest rates, and the cleaners are professional.
Regina C.21/05/2020
     I was looking for quality and house cleaning services, and a colleague recommended RainhamCarpetCleaners. Am a first time user and already hooked. Thank you!
     I didn't believe that cleaning could be so easy. You just need to call Rainham Clean Carpet and leave them to deal with everything. I was really surprised to see my home looking so much better. The cleaner was so patient and nice. I really appreciated her help.
Jack R.21/07/2016
     We hired Carpet Cleaning Rainham to help us with a recent office cleaning job. It's been a while since we dedicated some time to cleaning up the work place, but we were worried about taking time from work. Decided to compromise by turning to a professional option. Money well spent! They got us a great deal, we focused on the work, and they cleaned every single part of the office. Work's a lot easier now. We'll definitely be turning to them next time we need a bit of assistance.
Eric Morgan05/11/2015
     I am impressed with the cleaners I hire from Carpet Cleaning Rainham. They would come to my house regularly and do all the cleaning. If you want such a great cleaning service, they are the people to call.
Charlotte Ewing24/09/2015
     I was very happy with the outcome of the house cleaning service I hired recently. My wife had a broken arm and was struggling so I took charge and hired some domestic help. I used a local firm called Rainham Carpet Cleaners. They were brilliant and arranged a booking for two cleaning ladies to call in and completely deep clean the house. The ladies arrived on time and with all of their gear, and dressed in a smart uniform. They got to work and scrubbed, polished, mopped and vacuumed until the place was spotless. The service was tremendous and the cost was fair too!
Phillip Simmons14/07/2015
     I can't believe how good my house looks and smells like after RainhamCarpetCleaners have been there! I work long hours and although I don't get much time to spend at home, I would love for my family to enjoy a clean environment. Their cleaners help me attain that for which I am very grateful to them. They are always punctual and have sometimes even booked me in at short notice! Thanks a lot guys!
Sarah T.18/02/2015
     To say I'm happy with RainhamCarpetCleaners would be an understatement - I'm completely in love with the service! The company and its wonderfully talented cleaners have saved me an immeasurable amount of time on home cleaning, and the results I see are always better than anything I could achieve! This company is exactly what home cleaning services should be - definitely try these cleaners out!
Bethany Green29/01/2015
     RainhamCarpetCleaners was recommended to me by my sister, who in the past has made many comments about my home's tidiness. It looked fine to me, but I hired them on a whim anyway and oh my goodness. My house looks so much better now, so everything worked out for the best in the end! What else is there to say? The cleaners that they sent over were considerate, and didn't judge - they just got on with their job, and were more than happy to chat over a cuppa! If you're looking to spruce your home up a bit, then this company is the one I'd recommend.
     In many ways, the key to relaxing a little on the small stuff, is to have someone sort it out for you. That's why busy people have a Personal Assistant right? I find that I have my own version in RainhamCarpetCleaners, a cleaning team that give me a great service in so many ways. I have always been impressed by their ability to get things done easily and efficiently, and it comes as no surprise that I will be using them for a lot longer! Hopefully they will keep their excellent prices the same.
Kelly King14/05/2014
     This is a fantastic cleaning company! I've been looking for a cleaner for my house for a good few months now, and lots of other local services that I looked into were all too expensive, too unreliable or too sloppy with what they did! I called RainhamCarpetCleaners on the recommendation of a friend and I was really, really pleased with what my cleaner accomplished. She worked really quickly and was very professional, and I think my home looked just like something out of a magazine once she was done! This is a really affordable service for those on a budget, and my cleaner always does a fantastic job. Two thumbs up!
Jeannette H.25/02/2014
     This is an amazing cleaning service and I have no idea how I coped with my house cleaning before it! I called RainhamCarpetCleaners and explained my situation. They were really helpful and informative, and quickly found the ideal cleaner for me. I was really hoping for the best and I wasn't let down! My cleaner arrived promptly and got straight to work and by the time she left my house looked better than I'd ever seen it before! I couldn't be happier with the service I receive and I've told everyone I know about this cleaning company! Thanks!

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